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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a combination of a fast stretch, moving the bone back where it needs to go (the adjustment) and a novel idea for your nervous system. This form of natural health care also teaches your brain a new way to behave. Another aspect of chiropractic care is strengthening and lengthening the soft tissue which might be tight around your spine.

Some Benefits of Chiropractic Care

SpineWhile every person who undergoes chiropractic care will experience benefits that are individualized, in general, chiropractic yields an array of fantastic benefits. These include improved flexibility, reduced symptoms, better range of motion and a higher quality of life.

Conditions We See

While most people think of headaches, neck pain and back pain as being conditions associated with chiropractic care, it may surprise you to know that conditions such as TMJ respond well to chiropractic. Why? The jaw and upper neck are connected. We have a lot of TMJ patients who weren’t getting better because what’s going on with their cervical spine wasn’t previously addressed.

We also see success with the following:

  • Acid reflux
  • Sinus problems
  • Sleeping difficulties

Our Techniques

Dr. Morton primarily uses hands-on chiropractic care that includes drop techniques. He also uses the Integrator™ instrument which he mainly uses on children and seniors. Depending on a practice member’s needs he can provide multiple techniques.

The New Patient Journey

Just as everyone is an individual, everyone’s care plan is unique. While many times patients care looks similar, that is because many people have similar problems. You will be fully evaluated to determine the proper length and type of care to correct your specific issue, with no wasted time and no wasted money.

We provide chiropractic care, in-house rehabilitation, home care instructions and stretching and strengthening programs to ensure the best outcomes for our patients. Information on diet, exercise, nutrition and supplementation can be provided for those to seek to maximize their results.

We strive to be a corrective, vitalistic office, where we fix your problem first, then help you maintain and enhance that correction for a full and vibrant lifestyle. If you are just looking for a ‘crack’ when you feel stiff or sore, we might not be the office for you.

Discover for yourself the many benefits of chiropractic care. Book an appointment at Morton Family Chiropractic in Vicksburg today!

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